Saturday, March 21, 2009

John Adams, Top Founding Father

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The American Revolution produced a group of men who were so intrinsically tied to it that we call them “Founding Fathers”, critically and fondly. Some of them have reached iconic status.

Were some more important than others? Which man was indispensable? Was it Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, or John Adams?

Who was the greatest Founding Father of them all? To make such a designation might seem unfair to the others. But I don’t think that contributors to any cause are completely equal. Rather, they are all valuable, but in different ways.

I nominate John Adams.

To earn this honor, he demonstrated extraordinary skill and perseverance, and his influence was long-lasting.

Saddled with a rotten personality, he was hardly the most popular man in town. Few contemporaries probably loved this guy.

I describe Adams as a convert to the goal of American independence. Once converted, he was fanatical in his support of it. He had incredible legal skills; he needed these to persuade others to his cause.

But Adams did prevail. July 1776 did produce the Declaration of Independence. A large body of research on Adams continues to this day. A new study Abigail and John: Portrait of a Marriageis scheduled to appear in April.

Do you agree with my choice?

A yes or no poll is attached. For your alternative choice, please comment. Thank you. –Renata Breisacher Mulry

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The Searcher said...

I agree with your nomination. Although Washington and Jefferson have received a lion's share of accolades as members of the group of "founding fathers" it is questionable if such a bold venture could have succeeded without Adams. His driving patriotism to the cause of liberty and freedom for all Americans, plus his keen legal mind, overshadowed his "rotten personality" and I might add, is looks. He was not a handsome man, but oh my, what a love affairs between John and Abigail!

I thoroughly enjoyed HBO's 7-part series "John Adams" that presented an interesting and accurate look into the birth of our nation. Although long overdue, Adams finally got some credit for his part in the birth and struggles of our nation.