Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

Memorial Day has come and gone, with flags, tears, huge crowds spending the day at the beach, and barbecues sending out delicious aromas of hamburgers and hot dogs sizzling for a festive holiday meal.

The weather might be a challenge, traffic jams are expected, but a lot of people are happy they have the day off.

Many people feel that the real significance of Memorial Day has been lost -- now it’s nothing more than a chance for a three-day weekend. I don’t agree. Americans are hard workers; we actually don’t get that many
holidays or vacation. So why not spend the holiday as a pleasant relaxing day?

There are many opportunities to remember why we have the day off: somber ceremonies, often organized by veterans’ groups; patriotic music, special programming on TV, decorated national cemeteries; and as a bright,
fresh background, an abundance of red, white, and blue flower bouquets.

Even with all the recreation, people are well aware that Memorial Day is when we officially and personally honor our war casualties throughout our history. May they all rest in peace.

This blog, Friends of 1776, has been inactive for some weeks due to my sudden illness. Please excuse the interruption. Meanwhile, pertinent topics have been accumulating to bring to you. In a month, we will again celebrate America’s greatest national holiday, July 4th. I will read the Declaration of Independence and hope you will too. 2010 being an election year, 1776 is more pertinent than ever.

Tea Party adherents show no sign of going away, a fact not lost on politicians trying to win their primaries and get elected in November. A lot of money is being spent! – Renata Breisacher Mulry

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